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Monthly Archives: February 2024

    Strategic Tips for Buying Your First Home

    By Kimmer Plunk | February 27, 2024

    Buying your first home is a major milestone that has the power to improve your life. As a first-time homebuyer, it’s a dream you can make come true, but there are some hurdles you’ll need to overcome in today’s housing market. Here are three tips to help you turn your dream into a reality. Read More

    How to Get a Favorable Interest Rate in Any Economy

    By Kimmer Plunk | February 26, 2024

    In late January, the Federal Reserve halted the increase of interest rates for the fourth consecutive month. This may have a favorable influence on the real estate market as mortgage rates drop as well. No matter what the future holds there are still many ways you can secure a favorable rate. Read More

    It’s Time To Prepare Your House for a Spring Listing

    By Kimmer Plunk | February 22, 2024

    If you’re thinking of selling your house this spring, now is the perfect time to start getting it ready. With the market gearing up for its busiest time of year, it’ll be important to make sure your house shines bright among the competition. Here are some valuable tips you can use to get your house market-ready. Read More

    Monday Motivation, President’s Day version!

    By Kimmer Plunk | February 19, 2024

    "We should not look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experience.” -George Washington Read More

    A Guide To Building Real Estate Wealth

    By Kimmer Plunk | February 16, 2024

    As an appreciating asset, it can also be a continuous source of generated income, whether you invest in residential, commercial, or undeveloped properties. And these investments can be short- or long-term, giving you the option to choose what’s best for you. Read More

    Bridging the Gaps on the Road to Homeownership

    By Kimmer Plunk | February 15, 2024

    While progress has been made to improve fair housing access, households of color still face unique challenges on the road to owning a home. Working with the right real estate experts can make all the difference for diverse buyers. Read More

    Home Equity Can Be a Game Changer When You Sell

    By Kimmer Plunk | February 13, 2024

    Are you on the fence about selling your house? While affordability is improving this year, it’s still tight. And that may be on your mind. But understanding your home equity could be the key to making your decision easier. Read More

    Why Having Your Own Agent Matters When Buying a New Construction Home

    By Kimmer Plunk | February 7, 2024

    Newly built homes make up a larger percent of the total homes available for sale than normal. But it’s important to remember the process of working with a builder is different than buying from a homeowner. Here is how having your own agent is key when you build or buy a new construction home. Read More

    February Home Maintenance Checklist

    By Kimmer Plunk | February 2, 2024

    Happy February! Show your home some 💘 love 💘 and help preserve its value by completing these home maintenance tasks this month. Read More

    Just Closed!

    By Kimmer Plunk | February 1, 2024

    Congratulations to first-time homebuyer, Beth, on the purchase of her Memphis home-sweet-home! Read More