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Monthly Archives: May 2024

    Monday Motivation 5-13

    By Leslie Freeman | May 5, 2024

    “Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Happy Monday! Let’s have a great week! 💙 Read More

    Eco-Friendly Home Features in Demand

    By Leslie Freeman | May 5, 2024

    The concept of sustainable living is on the rise, driven by consumer awareness of environmental impact and a growing demand for eco-friendly products and services. This trend is reflected in the real estate market, with homebuyers developing a growing concern for our planet’s well-being. Here we’ll explore which features are being sought out to make the biggest impact in sustainable living. Read More

    Is Buying in 2024 More Practical Than Renting?

    By Leslie Freeman | May 5, 2024

    With living expenses on the rise and wages stagnant, it’s only natural to wonder about whether your current housing situation is still ideal. If you’re a renter, ongoing trends may present a compelling opportunity to switch gears and invest in homeownership. Let’s explore why buying a home could be a smarter financial decision than renting in 2024. Read More

    What Is Going on with Mortgage Rates?

    By Leslie Freeman | May 5, 2024

    You may have heard mortgage rates are going to stay a bit higher for longer than originally expected. And if you’re wondering why, the answer lies in the latest economic data. Here’s a quick overview of what’s happening with mortgage rates and what experts say is ahead. Read More

    An Older Home Buying Guide

    By Leslie Freeman | May 5, 2024

    If you are looking to purchase an older home, you’ll need to prepare for the potential hurdles you may encounter, such as outdated systems, hazardous materials, or existing structural issues. Review the following common problems frequently encountered in older homes to be better prepared during your search process. Read More

    May Home Maintenance 2024

    By Kimmer Plunk | May 1, 2024

    Happy May! 🌷 Everything is springing into action – and you should be too! The warm, spring weather presents an opportunity to be extra thorough with your home maintenance – as well as the opportunity to save time and money by preventing future breakdowns and costly repairs. Read More