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Finding a Mortgage Company

Whether you’re purchasing a home for the first time or it has been many years since your last home purchase, there are several essential questions to ask while going through the homebuying process.

Finding a Mortgage Company
Finding a Mortgage Company

Finding the right mortgage company may seem overwhelming, so shop around for at least two or three mortgage quotes before making a decision. Here is what you should ask:

– How does my credit score affect my quoted mortgage interest rate?

– Does the lender offer first-time homebuyer loan programs?

– What is needed for pre-approval to submit an offer to purchase?

– How much are the lending fees?

– What are the estimated monthly mortgage payments and closing costs after the initial deposit, taxes, escrow, and title and mortgage insurance?

– What are the current mortgage rates?

– When can I lock in my rate?

– How long does it take to get a final mortgage commitment?

Once you have acquired the pertinent information, you should be able to choose the best lender for your financial needs.

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