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Stress-Free Home Closing Tips

If you’ve made it to your closing day, you’re well aware of how many speed bumps there are in the home buying process. Although we’re told to expect the unexpected, there are a few things that you can do as a buyer to ensure that your closing is more joyful than stressful.

Stress-Free Home Closing Tips
Stress-Free Home Closing Tips

Take the day off of work
A smooth closing can still take upwards of one hour. However, there’s no way to predict what will happen. It’s best to take the day off from work to give yourself enough time to deal with any hiccups. Feeling rushed will only heighten your nerves. However, if taking a whole day off just isn’t possible, a half-day is better than nothing.

Get the check in advance
This may seem silly, but often buyers are so excited that they forget that they need to stop at the bank to get the check. Forgetting to bring a check could put a halt on the closing. Consider setting a reminder for a week in advance on your cellphone. Since your phone goes everywhere with you, there’s no way to avoid the reminder.

Do the final walk through the same day
The final walk through is your chance to make sure that the house fits the criteria that you and the seller agreed upon. Scheduling it a few hours before the closing provides you with one last look before you hand over your money. If something is amiss, your agent can spring into action, and work with the seller’s agent to solve any problems.

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