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Take the Work Out of Your Yard Work

Now that the early days of summer are here, you may be planning to spend hours in your yard mowing grass, trimming shrubs, and tending to your garden. It’s hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. If your lawnmower or hedge trimmers could use an upgrade, try some of the latest trends in landscaping equipment. This gear will help you spend less time maintaining your yard and more time enjoying it.

Take the Work Out of Your Yard Work

Robotic lawnmower 

If you need some help keeping your grass trimmed, turn to this helpful piece of technology. Robotic lawnmowers do the hard work of cutting your grass while you control it through an app on your phone. You should consider the size of your yard when choosing a robotic lawnmower. These innovative mowers can handle various sizes of lawns based on their battery, software, and cutting width. The Gardena Sileno Minimo maintains lawns up to 2,700-square-feet, and the app allows you to adjust the lawn size, start time, and schedule mowing days. The Worx WR140 Landroid can trim lawns up to one-fourth of an acre, it’s designed for more frequency, and will remain within the area where you place the boundary wire. Having a well-kept lawn has never been so easy!

Green lawnmower

If you’re not ready to hand over your lawn care to a robot, upgrade your lawnmower to something a little more environmentally friendly—the EPA says five percent of all air pollution in the United States comes from gas lawnmowers. Go with an electric lawnmower to reduce your carbon footprint. The Greenworks Cordless Lawnmower has a lithium battery that offers up to forty-five minutes of runtime on a single charge, mulch and bag capabilities, and a dual-blade design that provides a quality cut. The Black+Decker 10-amp Electric Lawnmower is a corded option designed with comfort-grip bike handles for better maneuverability and a winged blade for improved clipping collection.

Weeding robot

Weeding can be a chore, but you can avoid this dreaded task by turning to the Tertill. From the inventor of the Roomba, this tiny robot works similarly to its indoor counterpart. However, instead of cleaning up dirt, the Tertill eliminates pesky weeds in gardens up to 200-square-feet. To get started, all you need to do is clear your garden of weeds. From there, the Tertill takes over, using its wheels to dig into the soil and prevent the germination of weeds. If new weeds grow, a string trimmer cuts them down. There is no need to worry about your plants, as the robot’s sensors can distinguish between the two. You don’t need to keep a watchful eye on Tertill, either, as you can control it from an app on your phone, and it recharges through solar power. Now that’s some Tertill power.

Multifunction devices

If you’re looking to tackle multiple chores with one piece of equipment, there are plenty of items to choose from. The Workpro Cordless Grass Shear and Shrubbery Trimmer can help you keep your yard in pristine condition. Start by trimming patches of grass your lawnmower missed with the grass shear, and simply switch to the hedge trimmer blade to cut back your hedges. This shear and trimmer combo has your comfort in mind, with an ergonomic and nonslip grip, and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to forty minutes of yard manicuring power. The Black+Decker 3-in-1 Lawn Mower, String Trimmer, and Edger has everything you need for a great-looking lawn in a single piece of equipment. Designed for smaller yards, the powerdrive transmission provides greater cutting power, and a pair of lithium batteries offer extended runtime.

Leaf blower

Instead of dragging out a heavy, gas-powered leaf blower to clean up stray leaves or grass clippings, turn to something a little easier to handle. The Kimo Electric Leaf Blower weighs a little over two and a half pounds, and it has a variable speed trigger, giving you control over the cleanup of everything from leaves to dust. The battery offers up to twenty minutes of power, but the fast charger will have it ready to work again in an hour.

Soil tester

Give your green thumb some help with a soil tester such as the Sonkir MS02 Soil pH Meter or the Kensizer 3-in-1 Soil Tester. These products measure the pH level of your soil—a crucial component for proper lawn and garden growth. They also measure soil moisture and the amount of sunlight in the place you’re testing. And, better yet, there are no batteries needed.

Maintaining a beautiful yard used to be hard work, but by working smarter instead of harder, you’ll have more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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