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The Aging Population & Smart Home Technologies

Aging Population & Smart-Home Technologies
Aging Population & Smart-Home Technologies

With an aging population comes an increasing need for homes with aging-accessible features. According to the 2021 National Association of Realtors’ Home Buyers and Sellers Survey, 20% of the home buyers purchased a new home instead of a previously owned home because of the smart-home features and green/energy efficiency. “While smart-home technology was initially focused on increasing security and energy savings, its scope has been gradually shifted to improve the overall quality of life. Specifically, smart homes are often employed to assist elderly and disabled people.”

U.S. Map: How Fast the Population of Older Adults Has Increased by State in the Last Decade

For older adults, according to a study by The Hartford and the MIT AgeLab, 51 percent of homeowners aged 50 and older already had smart-home technology or were interested in getting it. Of those who do not currently have smart-home technology but plan to purchase it or are interested in getting it, about half (49%) are willing to spend between $101 and $500 on it in a given year.

Emerging technologies can make aging in place a safer and more viable option for older adults
Emerging technologies can make aging in place a safer and more viable option for older adults

While users of smart-home technologies can benefit in various ways, the top three benefits for older adults were as follows: enhancing safety/security, saving energy, and making daily life easier/more convenient. Thus, according to the study, the “top 10 smart technologies” for adults are the following:

  1. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  2. Wireless doorbell cameras
  3. Keyless entry
  4. Automatic lighting
  5. Smart water shutoff valves
  6. Smart home security systems
  7. Smart outlets/plugs
  8. Smart thermostats
  9. Water and/or mold monitoring sensors
  10. Smart window blinds

Source: National Association of Realtors

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