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The Pros and Cons of Living Near a School

Schools are the center of many communities. Outside of the Monday through Friday school week, there will be sporting events, clubs, dances, local events, and graduations. Some people will embrace the liveliness. Others? Not so much.

When you’re on the market for a new home, living near a primary or high school can be an attractive option for many people. But if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, it can lead to upward of 180 days of potential headaches a year. Read ahead to find out if you would grade living next to a school an A+ or an F.

The pros of living next to a school

The first advantage is simple: your kids will be able to walk to school. Dropping your kids off and then picking them up or getting your little ones to the bus stop in the morning can be a nuisance. But by living next to the school, the mornings get a little easier as they’re a hop, skip, and a jump away. Better yet, your kids will get some exercise from their trek.


Being close by also gives you easy access to the school. Do you want to check out the high school football games on Friday nights? There’s no need to worry about parking, as you’ll be able to walk to the stadium. Also, if the school has a playground, track, or basketball court, you may be able to make use of them during certain hours.

Time off

Schools also have long breaks throughout the year, so you can expect little to no activity during breaks around the holidays and summer.


The neighborhoods surrounding schools typically have a strong level of safety. These areas tend to have a higher police presence to keep the campus secure. There are also speed limits that are strictly enforced.

Increased value

Finally, homes near schools tend to sell at a higher price. Many parents are willing to pay a premium to have easy access to their children’s school. If you expect to sell your home in the future, living next to a school can make it a desirable listing.

The cons of living next to a school

If you don’t have kids and don’t plan to have any, living next to a school may provide more annoyances than perks. First, schools will get busy at various times of the day. The morning and afternoon rush of parents dropping off and picking up their kids can cause traffic headaches. There will also be more foot traffic in the neighborhood. This can lead to students using your yard as a short cut or leaving behind wrappers from their after-school snack.

Parking problems

And all those school events? Street parking can become scarce. People can inadvertently park you in as they attend a basketball game or parent-teacher conference.


The area around the school can be noisier than other neighborhoods as kids commute, play on the playground, or when the school holds events. You may be in earshot of the school’s PA system, giving you daily school updates you didn’t ask for. High schools also have a bell schedule, which can be alarming if you’re not expecting it. And don’t forget the regular fire drills throughout the school year.


Schools often leave many lights on around the campus for safety. If you live adjacent to the school’s athletic fields, stadium lights can be particularly bright in the evening.

Increased property value

Finally, you will likely pay more for a house near a school. And if you ever want to sell your home, it could be more difficult to find a buyer due to the higher property value.

Living next to a school isn’t for everyone. But if it meets your needs, you’ll love calling your local school your neighbor.

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